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Wine & Confection Pairing

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Attention Albany: This Firday, 4/9 from 4pm to 7pm

TC Paris Gourmand, Richard Mazzaferro will be teaming up with Shelia McNeil Wine and Spirits of Slingerlands, to Present a flight of pairings, to include some of our signature confections with premium wines.

Event location:

Wine and Spirits of Slingerlands
1365 New Scotland Ave (Price Chopper Plaza)
Slingerlands, NY


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Thousand Flower Honey - at TC Paris

At TC Paris, we have always been "BIG" on our ingredients.  And the introduction of 'Thousand Flower Honey" by Bernard Michaud, only adds to our collection of the finest ingredients from around the world, that we use right in our kitchen.This isn't just honey.  It is an experience.  Right from the start you are presented [...]

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The TC Paris Tart au Citron (Lemon Tart) - 18 years in the Making

When you are passionate about something - you just can't let go.  Ever.  That is the foundation of our amazing Lemon Tart at TC Paris.It started when I was a young boy living in Hudson, NY.  My fathers work often had him traveling to NYC for several days at a time.  And when he would [...]

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Peach, Apricot & Saffron French Macaron by TC Paris

Based on an amazing experience with a French Macaron in Paris several years ago - the distant memory of this infusion has remained in the back of my thoughts.  And this year, we have introduced it into our 2014 Springtime lineup.A truly magical infusion.  With your first bite you can taste the saffron slowly growing, [...]

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We're Bringing Sexy Back!

The Chocolate Caramel French MacaronRemember that special French Macaron that compelled you to visit our store for the very first time?  Featured on AllOverAlbany.com, this was the macaron of all macarons.  This was the macaron that our customers came in asking "Where is THAT one from the photo?"Meet our Chocolate Caramel French Macaron.  He has [...]

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