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Thousand Flower Honey - at TC Paris

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At TC Paris, we have always been "BIG" on our ingredients.  And the introduction of 'Thousand Flower Honey" by Bernard Michaud, only adds to our collection of the finest ingredients from around the world, that we use right in our kitchen.

This isn't just honey.  It is an experience.  Right from the start you are presented with a luminous golden color. Creamy, slightly crunchy - it carries all the authenticity of honey straight from the hive, and full flavor of ripened fruit just picked from the tree. Crackling on the mouth, and melting under the tongue - releasing a world of unforgettable perfume.  

We built our French bakery on a foundation of using the best ingredients in the world.  We are proud to include Thousand Flower Honey as our Chef's choice for TC Paris.

TC Paris - Thousand Flower Honey

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