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We're Bringing Sexy Back!

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The Chocolate Caramel French Macaron

Remember that special French Macaron that compelled you to visit our store for the very first time?  Featured on AllOverAlbany.com, this was the macaron of all macarons.  This was the macaron that our customers came in asking "Where is THAT one from the photo?"

Meet our Chocolate Caramel French Macaron.  He has not made a public appearance in Saratoga yet.  As a matter of fact, it's been almost a year since our Chocolate Caramel French Macaron has been seen in public at all. 

But now, it's time.  We're bringing Sexy Back!  The TC Paris Chocolate Caramel French Macaron is back.  Arriving at Uncommon Grounds (Albany, NY) on Monday February 17th, 2014, and our own Saratoga Store (TC Paris) on Tuesday the 15th.

He's been gone for far too long.  Try it again, for the first time.

Chocolate Caramel

Credits:  Special thanks to Albany Jane (AlbanyEats.net) for taking this amazing photo that was previously featured on AllOverAlbany.

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