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  • Cafe au lait French Macarons by TC Paris

    Cafe Au Lait French Macarons

    Cafe Au Lait French Macarons (10 Pack) Capture the taste of our rich French Sumatra fresh roasted coffee, hand pressed with a hint of milk froth.  Our cafe au lait French Macaron will instantly take you to that quaint...

  • Chocolate Caramel French Macarons by TC Paris

    Chocolate Caramel French Macarons

    Chocolate Caramel French Macarons (10 Pack) The best of both worlds - and the sexiest of our French Macaron lineup.  The Chocolate Caramel French Macaron is a rich chocolate shell that is infused with a full bar of...

  • Lemon French Macarons by TC Paris

    Lemon French Macaron

    Lemon French Macaron (10 Pack) Luxurious Lemon French Macarons, for the true lemon lover in all of us. This summer time power flavor comes from organic lemon zest and juice.  It's like holding sunchine in your hand...

  • Pistachio French Macarons (3) by TC Paris

    Pistachio French Macaron

    Pistachio French Macaron (10 Pack) We could not possibly call ourselves Masters of French Macarons, if we did not have our very own Pistachio Macaron to offer up.  This macaron is one of our customer favorites, cripsy...

  • Raspberry French Macarons by TC Paris

    Raspberry French Macaron

    Raspberry French Macaron (10 Pack) The French Macaron that screams "Summer is Here".  Filled with fresh Raspberry perservers made in house.  Just a slight hint of lemon to make the raspberry sing on your taste...

  • Tres Vanille French Macarons (3) by TC Paris

    Très Vanille French Macaron

    Très Vanille French Macaron (10 Pack) For the ultimate vanilla experience.  Our très vanille French Macarons are made with our very own (in house) pure Madagascar and Tahitian vanilla extract, and...

  • Salted Caramel French Macarons by TC Paris

    Salted Caramel French Macaron

    Salted Caramel French Macaron (10 Pack) Our 'Salted Caramel French Macarons' have become an instant customer favorite.  Our top selling Macaron.  Crisp outer shell, and chewy middle, filled with  our homemade...


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